Your IPhone Is Automatically Shut Down? Apple Said The Only Mobile Phone Free Replacement Battery

- Apr 02, 2017-

the Apple Corp for the first time for the iPhone accident shutdown "solution is proposed, in accordance with the requirements of a small part of the iPhone 6S devices in the original country or region to buy, enjoy free battery replacement service. For iPhone 6 and other unexpected shutdown of equipment, the Apple Corp did not explain the reasons and offer solutions, how to do this kind of equipment? Change the battery, can thoroughly solve the problem?

Safety issues?

Apple Corp denied the specified equipment can be free to change the battery

In the announcement, said the Apple Corp has confirmed that there are very few iPhone 6S devices may shut down unexpectedly, deny that this is a safety issue, and the delineation of the scope will be replaced free of charge equipment for a small part of the iPhone 6S equipment to the production date of September 2015 to October of the equipment.

It is reported that this item plans to replace the battery in the user, if due to accidental shutdown problems at their own expense to replace the battery, please contact Apple consulting refund; and the plan for iPhone affected 6S battery, valid for three years, the first retail sales.

Free of charge for the battery, to what procedures? Reporters call a designated repair point in Beijing, the staff told reporters, at present, to meet the conditions of a free replacement battery users only need to carry a mobile phone to the scene detection sequence number, can be replaced free of charge, under special circumstances, to provide three packs of cards or invoices.

How do other iPhone?

Experts: there are many reasons to suggest detection

"The Apple Corp for testing is more rigorous, since clearly put forward the sequence number of the replacement of equipment and production date, the basic is to determine the batch production equipment problems." Mobile phone China League Secretary General Wang Yanhui told reporters on the new site.

Prior to this, the Apple Corp for the unexpected shutdown problem did not give a clear reason, reporters after consulting a number of customer service staff said, because of the complexity, uncertainty.

As for a free replacement battery in the category, also appeared in an unexpected shutdown situation of Apple devices, Wang Yanhui believes that there are many causes of the accident are not caused by the battery, in the warranty period of the equipment for inspection and maintenance free, the warranty period can pay maintenance.

Data figure. Apple Corp CEO Tim Cook at the new conference to preach.

Can replace the battery once and for all?

Some netizens worry -- change the battery will automatically shut down

In fact, the problem exposed an unexpected shutdown of Apple's mobile phone models are not only iPhone 6s. "IPhone 6 users on the matter?" A micro-blog users complain, low power are not alert directly shut down, plug is 30%, now only dare to use a mobile phone.

At the same time, there are some users reflected in the replacement of the battery self after an unexpected shutdown problem still exists. Therefore, in line with the conditions of a free replacement battery for battery and Mr. Shaw worried, not once, "what is the reason for an unexpected shutdown, Apple Corp is still not clear." He said, Apple has received customer service phone, let to replace the battery, but I also didn't want to good.

"Mobile phone automatic shutdown according to each person's habits, the specific situation is different, there is relationship between temperature and operating habits, and mobile phone battery life." Apple Corp customer service staff had said in an interview.

The customer service staff said, "mobile phone use more time, with the loss and bad habit of charging, the battery capacity will be more and more small, often with non original charger, mobile charger for charging the mobile phone; or charging during the frequent phone calls, play mobile phone...... There is damage to the battery, affect the stability and service life.

Follow up how to do?

Chinese -- consumer protection agencies pay close attention to the progress of

A lot of consumer feedback problems also caused the attention China consumers association.

15, the Association announced that recently received consumers reflect their own use of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S series mobile phone, automatic shutdown, in case there are still 50%-60% power system upgrade automatically shut down after the situation still exists, even when the environment is cold room temperature automatic shutdown, automatic shutdown after connect the charger can not boot phenomenon.

"We are still paying close attention to this matter with enterprises and relevant institutions to communicate, the end result of the association official website announcement."

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