You Know What? These Will Destroy Mobile Phone Accessories!

- Apr 04, 2017-

Everyone will use some mobile phone accessories,

From the most basic mobile phone charger, headset, To charge treasure, memory card and so on.

Most parts of normal use is no problem,

However, some parts may ruin the mobile phone use!

What are the terrible accessories?

And small series with a look.

1, poor memory card

No matter how big the mobile phone memory, with a long time is enough, but if the mobile phone memory card slot to expand the memory card, buy a fix. Many people in order to cheap, in the roadside shops or stall to buy, thinking of a memory card, installed can be used on the line.

Don't look down on a memory card, mobile phone can not impact on small, if you use can soon find files without damage, mobile phone standby time is shorter, so that you use the memory card is inferior, change.

Why the memory card will affect the standby time? Because of poor memory card read and write data speed will be slower than the genuine memory card, slow running long time, power consumption is more variable, current and inferior memory card will make the standby consumption increases several times, the power consumption of the invisible increase. As a result, the standby time is shorter.

If things go on like this, will affect the mobile phone battery life. At present, there are many brands of memory card can be selected on the market, the price is not expensive, at the time of purchase, Xiaobian recommended that you try to select a genuine, do not damage the mobile phone in order to save a little money and lose money.

2, inferior charger

This charger every day in our use of things, you have thought it could ruin the mobile phone? When the original charger is broken, we are going to buy a new charger. While the original charger is generally expensive, many people will choose to buy a relatively cheap charger, so went to the roadside stalls to buy, they want not the original are the same, no matter where to buy.

However, they do not know, the roadside stalls selling the charger, the internal structure is very simple, only to meet the basic functions, is to charge mobile phone into electricity, no circuit protection function. This charger for charging the mobile phone is very easy to cause a short circuit, leading mobile phone to be burned or cause a fire.

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