The Battery Will Do Impact On The Following Two Problems

- Apr 04, 2017-

Whether it is iPhone or most of Android mobile phone, use the lithium battery, charging will be full of active power, active control or current, only you don't charge in the battery to 1%, there will be no harm to the battery. When it comes to charging problem, the battery will do impact on the following two problems.

1, play while charging state, especially now the fast charge throughout the state, current activities in the process of charging, mobile phone batteries and chargers are a large load operation.

Now use mobile phone games, play the big game to CPU high speed, the battery will bring much damage, some fast charge mobile phone, selection of high voltage high current charging in low power state, playing the big game at the moment, will further aggravate the cell damage.

2, although do not mess with the charger can charge the mobile phone charger mix, but we will find the wrong, others may appear slow charger charging, and fever, severe cases may cause fire.

The reason is not the same as the charger voltage and current is different, in addition to the traditional standard charger, 5V1A and 9V1.5A, 5V4A, 5V2A and other standard voltage and current of the charger, so here we stand, be sure to use the original charger, which not only maintains the battery charging speed, and ensure.

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