Six Chinese Mobile Phone Manufacturers Besieged Apple Samsung

- Aug 15, 2018-

[Global Network Technology Channel August 13 comprehensive report] Bloomberg recently commented that China's smart phone manufacturers have taken over Apple and Samsung, becoming the leader in the smart phone market.

The dominance of Apple and Samsung has been shaken like never before, and Chinese smartphone makers have shown their muscles through more cost-effective and innovative models.

Over the years, Apple and Samsung have held China's $500 billion mobile phone market. After the second quarter of 2018, Huawei pulled Apple down and became the world's second-largest smartphone maker. As everyone knows, with the confidence boosted by the 2018 semi-annual report, Huawei has already pointed to Samsung and is ready to hit the top spot in global smartphones.

Huawei: the biggest threat

Huawei, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, continued to increase R&D investment. After the three-year Leica cooperation design, the Huawei P20 Pro was released, which greatly improved the camera capability of its models and changed the color of the mobile phone market by relying on “Aurora Color”. A single status quo, color matching has attracted a large number of fans.

What is rare is that the Huawei P20 series, like most Chinese mobile phones, has maintained a certain price/performance ratio. The Pro version starts at 4,988 yuan. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 just released is priced at 7499 yuan, and the Apple iPhone X is priced at 8316 yuan.

As a global company, Huawei is active in more than 170 countries around the world. Although it has not reached a distribution cooperation with operators in the United States, it still surpasses Apple in terms of smartphone shipments, and its strength cannot be underestimated.

Xiaomi: cost-effective killer

From the appearance of the mobile phone to the experience store design, Xiaomi has never concealed the "tribute" to Apple. In recent years, Xiaomi has also started to build his own IOT ecosystem, operate his own app store and music streaming media applications. However, it is clear that Apple has lagged behind some of its followers in some respects. At least in the comprehensive screen trend of mobile phones, Xiaomi has long been ahead.

As the biggest feature, Xiaomi's cost performance has never been able to compete. Its latest flagship model Xiaomi MIX2S starts at only 2999 yuan, and Xiaomi 8 starts at 2699 yuan. Both models are equipped with Android's strongest chip Qualcomm Xiaolong 845. Whether it is workmanship, feel, photography or performance is the top flagship level. In addition, Xiaomi also hired a Canadian-Chinese Chinese star, Wu Yifan, to endorse the marketing and promotion, and the squid effect in the market has never stopped.

Voice: The King of Africa

If consumers see a mobile phone in the US or China market is absolutely new, but in the African soil, the voice phone is everywhere. Headquartered in Shenzhen, the company was founded in 2006 and initially bet on the emerging smartphone market in the African continent, establishing the first assembly line in Ethiopia. Since then, Voice has been the leading mobile device manufacturer in Africa, with 3 out of 10 mobile phones sold.

Caucasians and yellows can't understand the pain of African people taking pictures, and the voice sensitively captures the needs of users. The R&D team of the voice developed a technique for locating the face with teeth and eyes specifically for African skin and facial features, and based on this, launched the African version of the beauty and filters to effectively enhance the self-portrait of African people. The brightness of the face. In addition, for the night lighting facilities in Africa, the introduction of high-power flashlight function, the African people's love of dance to increase speaker power, the introduction of three-card three-standby, four-card four-standby and other features, with cost-effective prices, so that the sound is stable Steady grasp of the pulse of the African market.

According to data from the research firm Canalys, Voice is the largest smartphone manufacturer in Africa, with nearly 12 million shipments in the first three quarters of last year.

OPPO: Define a full screen

Following the Huawei and Xiaomi, OPPO has a place in the highly competitive Chinese smartphone market. At first OPPO was just a manufacturer of MP3 and DVD players, and now it is a smartphone manufacturer that has turned its attention to the UK and Europe.

In June of this year, OPPO Find X was released in Paris for 999 euros ($1,154). The highlight of this phone is that 93.8% is screen-to-screen ratio, compared to 81.5% for iPhone x. In addition, OPPO's front camera capability has always been a leader, attracting a large number of young users.

Vivo: HiFi selection

OPPO and Vivo seem to be competitors, but they are all founded by Duan Yongping. Through the main selling point for Apple's short board, it has won a small market share, and is also the first Chinese smartphone brand to develop the Indian market. Today, vivo is working hard to take it to the next level.

In 2012, Vivo released the world's thinnest smartphone X1, which is only 6.55mm thick. In addition, due to its focus on HiFi, it has an advantage in major markets in China and Southeast Asia. OPPO and vivo have also been good at marketing, attracting many young people by hiring popular spokespersons. Its latest flagship vivo NEX starts at 3,899 yuan, providing a screen ratio that is very close to OPPO Find X, reaching 91.2%, and it has also received a very high evaluation.

One plus: the choice of the hipster

Although the Chinese market is not in the forefront, the one plus mobile phone has won many followers overseas. Under the design's appearance, the performance of the one plus mobile phone is also very strong. In 2018, the latest flagship plus 6 is the slogan of "suit mob". Of course, one plus continues the tradition of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, and the mobile phone is also very competitive. The price of one plus six is only 3,199 yuan.

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