Samsung Note9 Five Highlights Inventory: Not Unique But Also Unique Enough

- Aug 14, 2018-

IT House August 10 news Samsung on August 9 local time in New York officially launched the new flagship Samsung Note 9 mobile phone. Although it is not very different from Note8 in terms of appearance, the new mobile phone has a series of new features in addition to the top mainstream hardware of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. Foreign media PhoneArena took stock of the five highlights of this phone.

512GB storage

Strictly speaking, Note9 is not the first phone to support this feature. Huawei Mate RS has 512G of storage space and is released earlier. However, Mate RS sells for as much as $2,400 on Amazon, compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note9, which is not cheap, but only half the price of Mate RS.

No DeX function for DeX docking station

Prior to this, you needed an expansion dock for the DeX function, which was disassembled and installed, and you had to carry it with you. When using this feature on Note 9, you'll be a lot more worrying: connect to HDMI via a small adapter, and you can enter DeX mode without a docking station.

However, Samsung is still not the first to launch this feature of the phone, the last brand to do so is Huawei. However, Samsung Note9 is unique in that it can be used as a touchpad and can perform additional power management with just the right power management solution.

瑕疵 detection function

This is a unique new feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note9 that detects and alerts you to the rear camera. Some users will accidentally touch the camera lens instead of the fingerprint reader when unlocking the phone, which will leave oily stains on the lens, resulting in blurred images.

Samsung's camera app has a similar notification feature that reminds users to clean the lens. But in Note 9, it really detects the blurring of your blur.

"Water-carbon" liquid cooling system

Yes, there is really water in Note9! Although it is not a nitrogen-cooled PC with RGB lamps, Note9 has a true water-carbon cooling system for efficient heat dissipation. The smart performance adjuster on your phone automatically adjusts game performance for a smooth gaming experience.

These are good features for the user's daily experience. If these features are not unique enough, PhoneArena continues to add two features: Note9 has one of the largest battery packs in the flagship mobile phone camp; and while more and more phones cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, it This interface is still retained.

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