Mobile Phone Protection Film To Stick In The End There Is No Advantage?

- Apr 04, 2017-

Intelligent mobile phone is more and more popular now, mobile phone has become one of the longest exposure to electronic products in our daily life. But now more and more mobile phone screen size is large, so for such a big screen, daily life will inevitably have damage to the screen. So many people used to own a mobile phone film, so it is necessary to mobile phone film?In fact, now the mobile phone screen is a piece of glass. Industry experts have pointed out that the hardness of toughened glass is generally 6.5, while most of the hardness of the metal is 5.5, if the metal key with tempered glass phase of friction, the injured can only be lower hardness of metal key. So the metal is normally not harmful to the mobile phone screen.Because we use the mobile phone, the screen and fingernail is the most, then the fingernails will bring harm to the mobile phone screen? In fact, our human nail hardness even less than 3, so the user does not use daily what impact on the screen.Nothing can hurt the screen? Of course not, in fact, in daily life in the sand has a more hard than mobile phone screen material: quartz. Quartz hardness is 7, higher than the hardness of the mobile phone screen, so if the mobile phone fell ground, and glide some distance, then it is likely to harm the mobile phone screen.In fact, as long as the usual attention to the protection of mobile phone, is completely without film. But there is necessary to film? In fact, mobile phone film for the protection of the screen effect is not great, but also after the mobile phone film will to some extent affect the display screen, the visual fatigue and increase the user long time see mobile phone, in the course of time will also damage the user's eyesight.In a word, as long as the user in the daily use of mobile phone to keep a good habit, by virtue of the existing mobile phone glass screen protection technology, users do not have to worry over the screen is scratched or scraped.

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