Mobile Phone Battery Charging Will Not Damage The Battery Should Be How?

- Apr 04, 2017-

Now the intelligent mobile phone battery is not very ideal, many mobile phone can not escape a day or a day two Chong Chong's fate. The battery charge is actually learned. But eventually the lithium battery lithium battery, charging with the increase of the number of cycles, the electrolyte in the motor with reduced. So the question is, how should hand the mobile phone battery charging will not damage the battery?

The new battery needs several complete charge and discharge to activate?

Now the lithium battery unlike earlier NiCd and NiMH batteries need a similar "activation", these batteries will have a "memory effect", charging in the incomplete discharge state, easy to make excessive battery charging, a long time will let users feel power soon run out. In fact, the current mobile phone and notebook computer batteries are lithium ion batteries. It has completed the initialization process in manufacturing, so began to use without activation.

Reduce the number of charges to prolong the battery life?

The general lithium ion battery can reach hundreds of cycles, the charge discharge cycle here refers to the process of power after the full light, rather than the plug and then unplug the charger 1 times. The lithium battery no memory effect, can be charged at any time, in order to reduce the number of charges and deliberately use the battery light after filling, and can extend battery life, but have a negative impact on battery life. Right is a lithium battery charging about eat meals, frequent shallow charge discharge is helpful to prolong the service life of the.

With more damage flushed?

Some students often play games, often while inserting the charger while playing the game, actually do more harm to the battery, why? Because the mobile phone charging, the battery is electronic violent reaction, it will be accompanied by the generation of high temperature operation, mobile phone games, mobile phone CPU processor is running, it will produce high temperature, two high temperature combined with mild aging, mobile phone hardware, electronic components, serious will burn the mobile phone and even cause an explosion.

Excessive charging will cause the battery to explode?

There are rumors that mobile phone while charging the phone may cause an explosion. Experts said that this argument is untenable, if the risk is there really, the product will not access the telephone set charging program. The lithium batteries generally have a safety protection circuit and a variety of safety devices to ensure that the circuit automatically cut off the battery over charge discharge and short circuit, so unless there is a quality problem, otherwise the battery will not charge for a long time. And the explosion.

How to charge the mobile phone is right?

Use the original charger, because with the charge with the habit, as long as we will see, the charger charging interface to use, but this is risky, because of the different mobile phone charging protocol is different, the charging power bear is not the same, easy to cause the mobile phone short circuit or burning.

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