IPhoneX Has A Good Head Apple Will Push The Cheap Version Of IPhoneX In 2018

- Aug 21, 2018-

Well-known Apple analyst Guo Minghao released his first Apple analysis report leaving KGI, which is that Apple will push three follow-up products similar to iPhoneX. The cheap version will use LCD panel and the price is expected to be lower than the iPhone8 released last year. Get consumer support at a more aggressive price.

After the launch of iPhoneX, the parties commented on it. However, from the data of the first quarter of this year, iPhoneX still successfully promoted Apple's shipment growth. iPhoneX was released last September, but its official sales were delayed until November last year, so its impact on the overall sales of the iPhone is not obvious. The data in the first quarter of this year showed that iPhone shipments increased by about 4%. %, the data released by the marketpoint counterpoint shows that the global hot-selling mobile phone list in March this year shows that iPhoneX is the best-selling product in the world, which shows that iPhoneX has played a positive role in driving iPhone shipment growth.

The technologies such as Liu Haiping and FaceID adopted by iPhoneX have brought huge impact to the industry; for the first time, OLED panels have been adopted, and the ultra-thin screen ratio of OLED panels has been achieved, while providing a larger screen. However, it has achieved a narrower body, making it easier for users to achieve one-handed operation and improving the user experience. In addition, new technologies such as wireless charging make this product a new experience for users.

Android mobile phone companies quickly followed up with the launch of similar products, which triggered a trend of Liu Haiping. Some Android mobile phone companies even imitated FaceID to launch face recognition function, but compared with Apple's FaceID. Big gap. All of this proves that Apple still has a strong influence on the global smartphone market, and it remains the leader in the smartphone market.

Cheap iPhoneX will help the iPhone get bigger shipments

Previous analysis has suggested that Apple may not launch a cheap version of the iPhoneX with the LCD version, but Guo Minghao's analysis insists that Apple will launch this version of the iPhoneX, because this will help the iPhone to achieve greater shipments, he believes that iPhoneX pricing It will be cheaper than the iPhone 8, and the price will be around 600 to 700 dollars.

iPhoneX has promoted changes in Apple's services and ecosystems. It has been reported that Apple has asked application developers to complete the optimization of iPhoneX in April this year to avoid the incomplete display, and the iPhoneX has successfully brought to the competition. The pressure has set Apple's impression of the leader in the industry, so Guo Mingxi believes that Apple's three new iPhones this year will adopt a similar design to the iPhoneX.

The launch of the iPhoneX has indeed triggered a wave of purchases by users around the world. In the early days, there was another global rush to buy out when the iPhone 6 was launched. However, because iPhoneX is priced at $999, it is the most expensive iPhone in Apple's history, which has a negative impact on its sales. Then iPhoneX's sales did not meet expectations. Nomura Securities even used sales weakness to describe the industry chain. Downgrade iPhoneX orders.

Under such circumstances, Guo Minghao expects that in addition to the cheap version of the iPhoneX, another iPhoneX follow-up model that also uses the OLED panel will be priced lower than last year's iPhoneX, and the price is expected to be around $800-900. The more aggressive pricing strategies of these two iPhoneX follow-up models are expected to meet the demand for low prices from more users, helping it to achieve greater shipments in the first quarter of this year.

Of course, considering that iPhoneX successfully boosted the average price of Apple's iPhone last year and promoted Apple's performance growth, revenue in the first quarter of this year increased by 13% year-on-year and net profit increased by 12% year-on-year, indicating that the high-priced iPhoneX has brought positive results to Apple. The impact, Guo Mingxi believes that Apple will launch an iPhoneXplus to replace last year's iPhoneX, priced at 900-1000 US dollars, the price level is comparable to last year's iPhoneX.

Apple's current CEO is very concerned about the performance, so for its continuous adjustment of business strategy, iPhone6 also launched two new iPhones to increase the display size, to launch three new iPhones last year, this is to improve performance, so this year it launched a cheap version The possibility of subsequent versions of iPhoneX is still quite high. After all, the excessive price is obviously not affordable for users in emerging markets, which is not conducive to driving iPhone shipment growth.

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