IPhone 9 Exposure Dual Card Dual Standby Is The Most Eye-catching / Back Beautiful

- Sep 12, 2018-

iPhone 9 exposure Dual card dual standby is the most eye-catching / back beautiful

[Mobile China News] On the news of the new iPhone, the foreign media is obviously the first month of the near-water tower. Yesterday, the iPhone 9 real machine was exposed. From the picture, the back design of the iPhone 9 is the same as that of the iPhone 8. It is still made of double-sided glass. The camera is still a single camera, and the specifications of the camera module should be improved.

It is understood that the iPhone 9 has five colors of dark gray, silver, red, blue and brown, which is much richer than the iPhone 8. The blue iPhone 9 is unisex and will become the hottest color scheme. Compared to the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, the iPhone 9's 6.1-inch screen is medium-sized and cheaper, and is expected to be the same as the initial price of the iPhone 8 Plus 6688 last year.

New iPhone dual card dual standby design

The design of the new iPhone dual card dual standby is unique in the mobile phone industry. Currently, the industry practice is that two cards are placed side by side, while the iPhone 9 dual card seems to be placed back to back. One of the cards is fastened to the bottom of the card holder with a buckle, and the other card is placed directly above the card holder, and then inserted into the mobile phone, which minimizes interference with the internal design of the mobile phone. It is expected that many new Android devices will be next year. follow up.

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