How To Tear Off The Phone's Tempered Film

- Nov 08, 2018-

How to tear off the phone's tempered film

Mobile phone tempered film tearing down method:

1. Use hot water, alcohol, etc. to operate: use a transparent tape to affix the speaker and microphone to prevent water ingress. Use hot water to apply hot screen 7-10 times, you can tear it off by hand, not enough. Repeat several times.

2. When tearing the tempered film of the mobile phone, use a wide tape to first stick the top, then use the nail to draw a little bit inside, and pick up the tape, you can take the whole piece of tempered glass film.

3, good quality mobile phone tempered film only need to use the nails to gently lick at the corners, it will appear a little blister, and then the phone tempered film can be directly torn off.

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