How To Change The Screen Of IPhone 7

- Aug 28, 2018-

Disassembly begins First remove the two screws at the bottom with the prepared pentagonal screwdriver. After removing the two screws, the edge of the screen of the mobile phone is evenly heated, and the glue around the screen is softened to facilitate disassembly. Since the iPhone 7 has added waterproof function, the screen is fixed and closed very tightly. After heating to soften the viscose, use the prepared suction cup and the curling rod to assist in further disassembly.

Use the suction cup to suck the screen near the edge, then pull out a gap to insert the prepared crowbar, carefully draw the screen around, if you feel the adhesive hardening and disassemble, then heat it again, pay attention to not demolish, otherwise the screen will shatter. After softening, continue to disassemble the screen. After softening, it is better to disassemble than to soften it.

After the surrounding glue is opened, the screen can be basically separated from the frame. You can gently pull up the suction cup to see if the screen can be picked up. If you can pick up the front screen, it has basically disappeared. Since the adhesive is very strong, it is necessary to be careful and prudent to disassemble the screen, which may take a certain amount of time.

Next remove the suction cup for further disassembly

The suction cup pulls the screen to pick up, but the screen has a cable that can't be used. The tray is removed and the tray is carefully inserted and slowly opened.

After you open it, you can try to pick up the screen. If you can pick up the instructions and the screen has been separated around the screen, you can further disassemble it.

Carefully open the screen to see how the cable is on the screen. Since the screen's cable is on the side, it is turned from one side.

After opening, we can see that there are cables on the top and bottom. The cables are fixed on the main board and the metal brackets are fixed. Then we dismantle these metal brackets one by one. First, remove the metal bracket at the bottom and you can see that there are four screws fixed. If there are four screws, there must be two btb connection cards. You can see that there is one on the screen and the other should be the power supply. We use a screwdriver to remove the screws one by one. After removing it, remove the metal bracket with tweezers. According to common sense, first disconnect the power btb card, after removing it, we can see that there are actually three btb cards, and then we disconnected one by one. After disconnecting, let's take a look at the top and also have a metal bracket. Next we will remove the metal bracket for further disassembly. Remove the metal bracket fixing screw, remove the metal bracket with tweezers, and then disconnect the btb buckle with the tamper.

After disconnection, the screen can be separated from the motherboard. If you need to replace the screen, you can disassemble and replace the screen according to the above steps. The screen replacement also needs to remove the Home button and the top receiver light perception. Put these on a new screen and put them back on the machine.

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