How Long Can Check Apple IPhone Mobile Phone Battery Life?

- Apr 02, 2017-

A mobile phone for users, the most concern is the performance of the mobile phone and battery. I believe many people have this feeling, a new mobile phone just began to use, the battery can generally be on a day for two days, but as time goes on, after a few weeks or months, began to find the mobile phone battery life is getting worse, especially the large screen mobile phone, this situation may be more common.

How long can check apple iPhone mobile phone battery life? The following exchange net with iPhone 6 plus as an example to do the demonstration.

Check method of iPhone 6 Plus battery life:


In 1, Apple's mobile phone on the main screen to find the set of icons, click to open it.

2, then entered into the iPhone settings page, scroll down the page, you can find the privacy options, open it.

3, in the open iPhone privacy settings page, scroll down, at the bottom of the page you can see the diagnosis and dosage of column, click to open it into the next page.

4, then, into the diagnosis and the amount of the page, if the mobile phone is not diagnostic and usage from the automatic transmission state, then need to select the automatic transmission, and then two days following the operation steps, otherwise it is not to want to see the data battery life how much is left.

5, when we choose the automatic transmission, the page will be more of a diagnosis and the amount of data, click to open it to see, then, the system will show the diagnosis and amount of data list, find the "log-aggregated- latest date" option on the inside, and then open it.

6, in the open page, you will see the full screen data dense, don't be frightened by these data, we are looking for is just a data inside it, turn to the bottom of the page, and then slowly turned up, find a "<key></key><integer>****</integer>" data

It is currently the largest representative of * * * * ****mAh battery capacity, battery capacity of 6 iPhone Plus in the factory for 2915 mAh, which has used the total capacity of ****/2915. Of course, this data is not unchanging, sometimes because of mobile phone temperature fluctuations, you have to check!

Methods two:

Download a iTools (itools Win/itools Mac), and then connect to your iOS device, select the modified computer on your device, and then will appear as shown in the following way point interface, the red box position of the battery icon.

Methods three:

If the mobile phone is jailbreak, you can download third party battery management software, which provides the capability to view the use of.

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