Apple's Three New Machines Lack Apple's Innovative Soul

- Sep 14, 2018-

According to Forbes, people’s previous expectations are not optimistic for today’s new Apple launch. The news leaked the publishing conference and lost its aesthetic sense, and it seems to be somewhat inadequate in terms of innovation compared to the previous iPhone.


Although year-to-year iPhone iterations have made some improvements in models, such as processor upgrades, camera parameters, and apps, it just makes people feel that they are different from the iPhones of the first few years. Functional improvements make people feel that Apple is always trying to catch up with existing technologies in Samsung or Google Pixel phones. But the perfect packaging is not innovation, it is slack.

The Apple Watch 4 generation implements a hardware enhancement of the processor, which also makes it more independent of the iPhone. Apple has launched three iPhones today, but you need to be aware that they are mostly identical, with a smooth rectangular design of multiple colors and sizes. The use of OLED screens on the iPhone (iPhone X) may be considered an innovation, but it is just another step in Apple's pursuit of Google Pixel and Samsung phones to promote OLED displays to more smartphones. It is no longer limited to the most expensive phones.

OLED displays consume low energy and provide clearer colors. OLED displays are still a more expensive manufacturing option, which is why we see the iPhone XR as a better choice. This 6.1-inch screen phone still uses an LCD screen for cost-effective. While the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max and the 5.8-inch iPhone XS have all the phone parameters you want, Apple feels like it's going through the game.

When was the last time you were passionate about the iPhone? Although Apple's product line is constantly updated, it feels that the iPhone is no longer the core of the previous technology. In some ways this may be a good thing for Apple. Unlike most of Google's Android phones, Apple's iPhone requires users to remain attached to an ecosystem, an ecosystem environment where you pay a high price but don't really have the technology.

Apple has become the soulless mobile phone manufacturer, always behind Samsung and other company product updates, allowing Apple to further lose the innovations and inventions we have been looking forward to. So can Apple's new iPhones change the status quo? Maybe not. Can Apple Watch bring changes? Maybe not. Adding additional S, R or Max models to the iPhone will not make any changes.

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