About Tempered Glass Screen Protector

- Aug 17, 2018-

The tempered glass film itself is fragile. Try not to choose low-priced goods.

Many friends have experienced the automatic cracking of the glass film after purchasing the tempered glass film. In fact, this is well understood. The tempered glass film is also glass, so it is normal to break it.

The decision to crack the tempered glass film is divided into two categories. One is the problem of the product itself, and the other is the problem of use. From the product itself, whether the tempered glass film is fragile is analyzed from raw materials and processes.

1. Raw materials. The glass film is made of different brands of glass raw materials. There is a difference in strength between different raw materials. However, unless it is a glass raw material that has its own defects, most of the glass manufacturers' brands are not very different in terms of strength glass.

2, processing technology. There are three main processes for determining the quality of the finished glass film: CNC cutting, arc edge polishing, and tempering furnace tempering. CNC cutting is to cut the glass material into a shape suitable for the phone model. Arc edge polishing is to polish the straight edge tempered film into a 2.5D arc edge. The tempering of the tempering furnace is to let the semi-finished glass film work in the high-temperature furnace and the potassium nitrate to make the strength of the glass film slightly increase the strength, greatly increase the toughness, and ensure that the glass film is broken and does not cause harm to the human body.

Regardless of the bonding of the glass film backing, these three processes are the three processes most likely to occur in the defective glass film. Cutting and polishing may cause the glass to burst. The tempering time of the tempering furnace is not enough, and the poor use of potassium nitrate will result in a decrease in strength and toughness. Most of the defective products produced in the production process have been eliminated in the production process, and a small number of defective products are undetectable by the naked eye, leaving dark wounds and trachoma, etc., as good products to enter the market, and will be fragmented when used slightly. Therefore, when you decide to buy a tempered film, you must remember to not choose the low-priced goods in the market. Although the film industry is profitable, sometimes the principle of one penny can be universal.

In addition, the thickness and strength of the tempered glass film also have a certain relationship. In terms of strength, the thick glass film is slightly stronger, and the thinner glass film is less in strength, but the thinner the glass film feels better, everyone is choosing When tempering the film, it depends on its own situation.

Having said that, I will summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the tempered glass film for everyone. We can make a reference according to our own situation.

Advantages: Compared with ordinary plastic film, it has high hardness, good light transmission, good surface performance, good oleophobic and hydrophobic feel, not easy to stain, easy to clean, easy to fit, and has certain protective functions.

Disadvantages: fragile, high cost, thick, edge processing defects. Since the tempered film has a certain thickness, even the thinnest 0.15 mm film, the edge will break the integrity of the grip. In addition, the resin adhesive layer exposed on the edge is also easy to hide, but for curved screens, the tempered film can hardly match, such as the Samsung Galaxy Edge, even the iPhone 6 with a 2.5D screen, the edge of the screen is a curved transition. The tempered glass film cannot be used until the frame.

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