Equipped With A10 Processor? Cheap Version Of IPhone X Or Will Be Released In September

- Aug 25, 2018-

Since last year, there has been news about this year's new iPhone products, and according to the current form, Apple's release of three new iPhones this year seems to have no suspense. Among the three iPhone products, I believe that people are most looking forward to the cheap version of iPhone X. Recently, some developers have found some information about the cheap version of iPhone X from Apple's own software. I believe that after seeing this information, many People will be very surprised.

According to the developers, they saw a list in their own software. From the list, you can see the names of the above-mentioned Apple products. After the iPhone X, the words "iPhone xx" appeared, and the developers judged it very much. May be the cheap version of the iPhone X. In addition, developers predict from the internal situation that it will be equipped with an LCD panel and the same A10 processor as the iPhone 7. Equipped with an A10 processor and an LCD panel, this configuration is believed to be much lower in price than the iPhone X. In addition, this cheap version of the iPhone X is likely to be released in September and the other two.

If the developer’s predictions come true, then in this year’s mobile phone, the cheap version of the iPhone X will be a lot behind the other two products. Because the A10 processor was released in 2016, it has been two years since it was put into this year's new iPhone product. I don't know if users will pay. Of course, before the press conference, any news is not absolute, maybe Apple has other surprises in the cheap version of iPhone X, so let us wait and see!

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