Which brand of mobile phone tempered film is good?

- Sep 08, 2018-

Which brand of mobile phone tempered film is good?

Quality identification of mobile phone tempered film:

1. Anti-fingerprint effect: Drops of water on the tempered film, see the angle of the water droplets on the tempered film, the large angle of water droplets is good anti-fingerprint effect, and the small angle is the anti-fingerprint effect.

2, wear-resistance effect: After a long time of friction, the surface of the tempered film is subject to wear, and then the water-drop angle tester is used for evaluation, or the angle is large, indicating that the friction-resistant effect is good.

3, anti-drop effect: using the ball drop test. This instrument puts a falling ball at a height and then drops it onto the tempered film. The higher the falling ball height, the better the anti-fall effect of the tempered film.

After some of the above tests, we will find that some mobile phone tempered films are of good quality and poor quality, so you can consider them when you purchase them.

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