What is In-cell Phone LCD?

- Oct 25, 2017-

In-cell refers to a method of embedding a touch panel function into a liquid crystal pixel. The integration of the touch panel and the LCD panel includes the "In-cell" method and the "On-cell" method. And On-cell refers to the method of embedding the touch panel function between the color filter substrate and the polarizing plate.

1. The first benefit that the iPhone can get from in-cell technology is that the iPhone thickness is reduced.

2. Picture improvement is also one of the benefits of in-cell touch screen panel. It is because the light to penetrate the more layers, the screen clarity worse. Above mentioned, in-cell to the screen a little less, in theory, the screen screen than the on-cell screen to be clear.

3. The screen is thinner, the space has increased, Apple also has more space to expand the battery.


Finally, in-cell technology also makes Apple's manufacturing process more efficient and less inefficient. Although the in-cell screen is more difficult to produce, it reduces the time required for manufacturers to glue the layers of the screen.

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