Samsung mobile phone use little knowledge!

- Aug 14, 2018-

First, check the method of the factory date?

Step 1: Enter the phone inside *#197328640#

What are the factors that affect the length of the phone's talk time?

Step 2: Select the second English option VERSIONINFO.

Step 3: Select HWVERSION

Step 4: Choose READCALDATE

Second, how to open the flashlight function?

Go to the application interface --> select "widgets" tab at the top --> find the "auxiliary light" plugin --> put the "auxiliary light" plugin on the desktop --> back to the desktop.

Third, how to set the phone vibration after the other party answers the phone (and various call settings)

Some tutorials on the Internet are copied before the method, it looks like Note2 is different, as follows: enter the "mobile phone" (that is, the dialing page) --> press the "menu" button (that is, the leftmost touch button at the bottom of the fuselage) --> Call settings (so you can make some call settings, including call transfer, caller ID, etc.) --> "Caller Alert" --> "Call Vibrate" --> Check "Respond to Vibrate" (ie open The phone vibrates after the other party is connected. Of course, you can also set the call to end the vibration.

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