Price analysis of tempered film and ordinary film

- Dec 13, 2018-

Price analysis of tempered film and ordinary film

Why choose a mobile phone tempered film? Let's take a look at some of the introductions:

Inferior mobile phone film is easy to refract light on the screen of the mobile phone, especially when it is outdoors, the screen illumination is insufficient, and it is more difficult to clearly see the font. Therefore, the ciliary muscle is often in a state of tension, and the lens continues to maintain a large convexity. The eyes are easily exhausted due to over-adjustment, and over time, they will form or aggravate myopia. Inferior film will affect the light transmittance of the screen, and the film with high light transmittance will have less damage to the eyes; if the light transmittance is poor, it will affect vision.

However, from the material point of view, there are mainly four types: PP, PVC, PET, ARM, and glass. PP material film texture is relatively soft, light transmittance is poor, basically has been eliminated; PVC material film is soft and easy to paste, but the material is thicker, light transmissibility is generally, the average cheap mobile phone comes with a special film for this type of material;

PET and ARM materials have good light transmission and are not easy to produce bubbles. Especially ARM material is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, high in transparency, and non-reflective. The mirror screen and matte film are usually used. Two materials. The most common on the market is the ordinary PET film. Although this film can provide a layer of protection for mobile phones, their hardness is only 3-4H. This hardness film is easy to scratch, which affects the aesthetic life. Very short, if the film is not replaced for a long time, the messy scratches make the screen display of the mobile phone look more laborious, and the ciliary muscles of the eyes are often in a state of tension, which is prone to dizziness, vertigo, blurred vision and other symptoms. Moreover, novices stick ordinary film, there is a certain degree of difficulty, anyway, I will not paste, time-consuming, it is easy to make mistakes, there are bubbles, the appearance of a word: ugly!

The characteristics of the tempered film, everyone has a certain understanding, but behind the film, there are some fake film on the market, the price is very high, it is equivalent to an ordinary plastic film, we should pay special attention when purchasing.

How to choose?

It is recommended to choose the mobile phone tempered film, because the composition of the material is completely different from the ordinary film. In addition, the sensitivity and light transmittance of the tempered film are greatly improved compared with the ordinary film, and the hardness of the tempered film It reaches 8~9h, which is unmatched by ordinary film, and the film is very simple, even the novice can easily stick it.

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