IPhone6, the mobile phone film recommended arc protective film introduction

- Apr 04, 2017-

IPhone 6 also makes the hot film, mobile phone shell, mobile power and other apple accessories sales increase. Buy a new machine of course to take care of, after all the new iPhone than previous models are slimmer and larger screen, in the hand of the total to be careful, not easy sense of security. So what kind of accessories can really suitable for use with the iPhone 6?

Apple's iPhone6 is currently the most popular popular intelligent mobile phone, iPhone6 screen using 2.5D curved glass screen, with good hand in hand, but the disadvantage is that the protective film brings bad choice is not good. The protective film is generally used in the plane design, for a long time, the protective film is easy to open. If you have this trouble, try the Curved Crystal protective film launched Spigen brand.

Rare surface protective film design

Full screen coating

/AR Anti Glare Anti fingerprint treatment

Application of iPhone6

No residue, easy to clean fouling

With cloth and other gadgets

Spigen iPhone6 Curved Crystal and other different places for maximum protection film, is its edge and iPhone6 arc screen, was also designed with slightly curved, so that it can be more close to the iPhone6 screen, not only prone to open issues, but also can take to protect the screen more tightly.

In addition, each of its opening is also tailor-made, there will be no more, and without any water spray can be easily pasted on the screen, even if the bubble can also be used with stickers attached sticker will be pasted on the protector again pulled up, and not worry about problems decreased the adhesive force, also need not that the protector can stain the mobile phone screen, even beginners can easily perfectly paste it on the screen of the mobile phone.

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