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- Aug 09, 2018-

First, the charging time is twice as fast

When you turn on airplane mode before charging, your charging speed will double.

Second, no signal, you can also use navigation for free

In places where there is no signal, you can use Google Maps as a free GPS navigation with the hidden offline map feature. Type okmaps in the search box, and the offline data for this area is automatically downloaded to your phone.

Third, the signal strength is represented by a number

The number of bars is replaced by a number to show the signal strength. It is also intuitive to let us find the best location for the call.

1. Open the iPhone dial pad

2. Enter: *3001#12345#* and press the dial button:

3. See the Field Test program is opened:

4. You will then see the signal strength in the upper left corner replaced by a negative number (in dBm). The problem is when you quit Field Test

After the program, the display mode returns to the default intensity bar.

5. If you want to keep the digital reality in the way: in Field Test

In the program, press and hold the power button until you see the “Slide Shutdown” screen appears. Then don't shut down, but hold down the Home button until you return to the main interface.

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