IPhone 7 glass screen protection film? Leaked facade design

- Apr 04, 2017-

It is a glass screen protection film 7 iPhone suddenly appeared in front of us, and from the glass screen design style, and its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S was almost the same, you know has been leaked is rumored iPhone 7 protective shell, we can only from the protective shell that behind the design iPhone 7.


This figure leaked is said to be shot in London, it is made of Cygnett, although it and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S using the same, but the difference is very obvious, is the top of the glass screen protection film for the sensor to stay well hole, and not one is two. If this leak is true, then we can guess to design 7 positive iPhone is what kind of.

In September this year, the upcoming iPhone 7 who bear the pressure is heavy, it will face iPhone sales fell the hitherto unknown situation, but Tim Cook on the iPhone 7 is still very confident, he repeatedly said that iPhone 7 will give us a surprise. As autumn is approaching, more information about the iPhone 7 will be gradually surfaced, let us wait and see.

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