How to extend the battery life of your phone

- Aug 17, 2018-

I believe that everyone has had this kind of trouble. After using the mobile phone for a period of time, it suddenly loses power. It will be fully charged in the morning, and there will be no electricity in the afternoon. The original charging is also very knowledgeable. Battery University lists the charging of mobile phones. 5 big myths, bad charging habits will hurt the phone battery more, so if you want to extend the life of your phone, you have to learn the right way.

1. Does the phone charge when it is completely out of power?

According to the survey, smartphones now use lithium batteries instead of nickel-metal hydride batteries, so there is no memory effect. Full discharge will reduce the number of charge cycles, and the damage to the battery will be even greater. It is also better to charge when the power is 30 to 40%.

2, mobile phone charging charge overnight?

Many people used to charge their mobile phones before going to bed. They didn't pull out the charging cable until they got up the next day. However, in fact, charging the whole night will definitely damage the battery life. Because the mobile phone is charged to 100%, it is always in a high pressure state. The chemical substances in the depleted battery, although many mobile phone brands now have the mobile phone to fully activate the power-off mechanism, but from the data point of view, charging has a hidden worry all night.

3, the phone must be charged to 100%?

Many people are used to charging the phone until it is fully charged, but the phone is fully charged to 100%, which will put the battery in a high voltage state and put more pressure on the battery. In addition, the charging lines and chargers of different products should be avoided as much as possible, because different plug powers will affect the charging speed, which will easily reduce battery life.

4, can charge when charging?

Charging in a short period of time does not cause damage to the battery. Even in just a few minutes, it will not have any effect. It may be a good habit to charge the phone when it can be charged. In addition, there are a lot of mobile phone shells on the market that are getting thicker and thicker, which is not easy to dissipate heat. In fact, for most batteries, too high temperature is the invisible killer that affects battery life.

5, the power as much as possible to maintain 65 to 75%

According to the battery charging interval, the battery is too low to charge, and the charging cycle consumption is even larger, so try to keep it between 65 and 75%. If you can't do it, you can choose between 45 and 75%. The final implementation is really difficult, and it should be maintained between 25 and 75%. In fact, the lithium battery has the best working temperature, so as to avoid the battery being too hot and too cold, in order to extend the battery life of the mobile phone.

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