How to choose your favorite tempered film

- Dec 27, 2018-

How to choose your favorite tempered film

Here, let's take a look at the characteristics of various protective films:

▲. (Anti-Peeping Film) Using physical optical polarizing technology, after the LCD screen is pasted, the screen has only visibility of 30 degrees or less on the front and side, so that the screen is clearly visible from the front, and from the side 30 degrees away from the left and right. , you can't see any screen content.

▲.(High-transparent anti-scratch film) The outer surface layer is treated with super-abrasive material coating, which can effectively prevent scratches, stains, fingerprints and dust, and protect your machine from external damage to the greatest extent.

▲.(Diamond film) Gold diamond film is embellished with star diamond. It has a star-shaped diamond effect in the sunlight or under the light. It attracts attention and does not affect the screen display. It does not generate bubbles during use and the exhaust speed is remarkable.

▲.(Matte film) The surface layer is a matte layer, which can effectively resist fingerprint invasion, and the finger slips over without leaving marks; even if it leaves liquid residue such as sweat, it can be cleaned by hand wiping, which ensures the screen vision to the greatest extent. effect.

▲. (Mirror film) When the main screen backlight is off, the protective film acts as a mirror. Text and images can be displayed normally through the film when the backlight is turned on. The film is divided into 5 to 6 layers, and one of the layers is subjected to aluminum evaporation treatment. Use this layer to reflect external light to achieve the mirror function.

▲. (3D film) 3D three-dimensional pattern effect, a variety of types, there are many hearts, dragons, butterflies, triangles, water cubes, squares, heart shape, meteor shower, woven pattern, fish scales and so on.

▲.(color film) mobile phone color film is a personalized mobile phone protective film, printing a variety of personalized patterns on the protective film, such as landscape characters, flowers and birds, fish cartoons, star idols, celebrity paintings, etc., even couples Photo, wedding photos, family portraits, life photos, art photos, etc., can be printed on the mobile phone protective film, so that in addition to scratch-proof, dust-proof, anti-fouling and radiation protection, the mobile phone protective film can also play a full-fledged decorative effect!

▲. (Naked eye 3D film) 3D film using a left-right format stereoscopic film, a magical screen protector, as long as the phone is attached, the screen can have a naked-eye 3D effect, and the naked-eye 3D display effect is directly seen on the screen. You can watch naked-eye 3D movies on the screen with special glasses. The naked eye 3D film is becoming a new development direction of mobile phone film, making up for the shortcomings of mobile phones, PDAs, etc., which can not directly watch 3D movies, allowing you to enter the naked eye 3D era and enjoy the naked eye 3D stereo shock world!

▲.(Relief film) The latest technology of embossed film, breaking the traditional mobile phone film only a flat visual sense, as long as the thin screen protector is attached to the screen, you can immediately produce a realistic bump feel, with colorful The embossed pattern, mountains, flowers and birds, ink, suddenly come to the forefront, but currently such products on the market are relatively rare, because there are not many manufacturers who master the technology, and the production process is complex, the production capacity is low, so the price is generally biased High, but if you can really have a favorite pattern embossed on the love machine, it will be a good choice for some fruit powder.

▲. (Toughened glass film) The surface of the tempered glass film is oil-repellent, so that fingerprints and oil stains are not easy to stay on the surface, and it is easy to clean. The thickness is 0.4mm, 0.3mm or 0.2mm, the surface hardness is 8-9H, which is 3 times the strength of ordinary PET. The cutter and key will not cut. The floor test is in the range of 30cm/68g, and no screen fragmentation occurs. It has a certain toughness and can be bent to 90 degrees. Tempered glass film is a new type of screen protection material with a light transmittance of over 98%. It can restore the color of the screen, and the unique adsorption layer gives the screen the best protection.

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