Farewell to the broken screen, mobile phone film should be selected toughened

- Apr 04, 2017-

Mobile phone Broken screen The problem has been a headache, spend thousands of dollars to buy a new mobile phone, not for a few days on the broken screen. buy IPhone The buddies more heartache, two months salary to buy a mobile phone and it did not take long for the broken screen, it is broken. Not to say that the poor quality of mobile phone screen, but because mobile phone screen LCD screen is also good quality. The probability of complex living environment under the broken screen is still quite large, I have a habit of a new mobile phone affixed immediately film. Don't wait for the broken screen before it is not posted, you can only spend a few hundred or even thousands of pieces of block to change the screen.

So that the mobile phone must film, said Cellphone screen protector  A lot of buddies and wonder, what with what film? In fact, when it comes to choosing film I personally experienced, I will give you talk about. Farewell to the broken screen, let me protect you "kidney"!

First choose film must choose Steel film The film, tempered can we effectively protect your mobile phone. Toughened film hardness is 9H, so we estimate the surface hardness has no concept of what then we make a comparison of general plastic film is not more than 3H, the hardness of glass is probably around 6H and our Toughened glass Is 9H. That is to say the film hardness is tempered glass industry first, you use a knife to draw all right. So, the film is so hard to protect your mobile phone, to deal with complex living environment. Selected films must choose the most hard, so as to achieve effective protection.

Secondly, we must choose the thin film selection. We should not only protect the mobile phone and use comfort, choose thin is the hard truth. Now the technology is so advanced and better tempered film do more and more thin, thin film can be tempered now to 0.2mm. Attached to the mobile phone does not affect your visual effect, will not affect your touch screen effect. There is no problem in the use of experience, then some Mobile phone tempered film Can also have protective effect on anti blue eyes.

The final selection must choose the fingerprint film desalination using a mobile phone for a long time, we usually have a lot of fingerprint on the screen, people looked uncomfortable. So it is necessary to select the tempered fingerprint screen membrane desalination, won't change. We use a cleaner and more comfortable.

The above told us about tempered film problems, I hope you can help. If you want to say goodbye Broken screen 

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