Dismantling Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Maintenance Difficulty 4 points

- Sep 06, 2018-

As the flagship model of Samsung in the second half of 2018, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has received wide attention from all walks of life. From the appearance, configuration and other aspects of the analysis of the impact of this phone, recently the professional dismantling organization "iFixit" in the first time to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on Note 9 was disassembled and given a score. Let us see how the performance of Note 9 is.

外媒拆解三星Galaxy Note 9 维修难度4分

As usual, iFixit was completely dismantled after the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 went on sale. In the dismantling, "iFixit" pointed out that Samsung used glue to fix the battery, making it quite difficult to disassemble, and the back cover of the glass also made the disassembly difficult. Finally, iFixit gives a total score of 4 points (up to 10 points, which represents the easiest to repair). This score segment currently includes the Samsung Galaxy S9+, Galaxy Note 8, Huawei P20 Pro and LG G7, all with a maintenance score of 4 points.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features a 6.4-inch 2K resolution screen that displays quality beyond the S9 and iPhone X, and features a full-view curved screen for a visual impact. And this time also upgraded the S Pen, the new S Pen has added Bluetooth technology, through the button on the S Pen can control the camera to take photos, control presentations, multimedia playback, etc., the application is very extensive.

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