AR glasses to replace the mobile phone? After Microsoft, apple and Facebook also joined the war

- Apr 02, 2017-

After the Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens, apple and Facebook also poured into the AR field. The giant is committed to make small portable AR glasses, to replace the current intelligent mobile phone.

According to the British Financial Times news, apple is to increase the research of AR glasses equipment, will also launch a new application of Clips in the next generation of mobile phone iPhone release. The user can be added to the filter effects, shooting works, which makes the iPhone mobile phone camera is no longer simple, build a test platform for the realization of the late AR function.

While Facebook's Oculus department is also devoted to the study of light and powerful AR glasses. Facebook CEO Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) AR glasses to "small enough to carry on".

Two enemies with apple and Facebook

In the field of AR, apple and Facebook face two enemies: start-up companies Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens.

Magic Leap is a Florida based start-up companies, from investors (including Google parent company and Alibaba) where the financing of $1 billion 400 million.

Magic Leap in preparation for release later this year the long-awaited AR glasses light-field. The glasses has the advantages of small volume, wide field of vision, the helmet will be encapsulated in a small device, which comprises a battery and a processor, and can fit into a pocket or on a belt clip. Of course, this AR glasses price will be expensive, is expected to exceed $1000.

In addition, the Microsoft HoloLens is very competitive. Hololens holographic glasses is a head mounted augmented reality device, can be completely used independently, without cable connection, there is no need to synchronize the computer or smart mobile phone. Hololens glasses designed to replace the mobile phone, smart devices become the first choice of consumers.

As early as January 2015, Microsoft announced the advent of HoloLens glasses, but Microsoft has no consumer version of HoloLens's release date, this creates an opportunity for apple and Facebook to catch up.

Apple and Facebook on AR glasses are the common pursuit of - compact and lightweight

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg asked to make "small enough to carry the AR glasses, Facebook team is working on research and development.

Zuckerberg's February visit to the Oculus research lab, said in an article in Facebook: "our goal is to make a portable AR, VR glasses, which will break the AR and VR (virtual reality) boundaries."

Apple in the creation of small electronic products have experience. In recent years, Apple has launched AirPods wireless headset and pencil (Apple Pencil), apple showed that its engineers become increasingly adept at small electronic product creation.

AR glasses developed road resistance and long

A year ago, apple first established a team to check the feasibility of VR equipment. Now invested more resources for the development of augmented reality, its purpose is from the scientific research projects into consumer products. However, any new product release is at least a year or even longer time.

Apple CEO Cook (Tim Cook) said in October last year, the Utah Conference on science and technology research and development: "AR glasses need some time". But when it really do it, we think, how we will live without AR glasses, as we imagine how to live without mobile phone.

Facebook Zuckerberg is clear that the development of AR technology to his vision may take 10 years, even under the Oculus department all day is dedicated to the study of light and powerful AR glasses.

In addition, Magic Leap in recent months has also suffered a series of executive turnover, worrying whether their products can be launched. Since the company CEO Rony Abovitz said "soon" has been in the past year.

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