Apple iOS10.3 to ban non MFi certification for parts, equipment safety and interests!

- Apr 04, 2017-

Apple iPhone not only have their ecological iOS platform in the software, hardware and control Daquan, non MFi certified third party accessories, it is prone to the cable accessories or has not been certified, so it may not work reliably with this iPhone, it is not the normal use! In addition to apple do to prevent some of the poor quality of the parts caused by iPhone damage, in fact, the most is to make money, because MFi needs to buy Apple chip authentication authorization!

Today, @ charging head net send a message, just received industry engineers broke the news: Apple iOS10.3 version upgrade directly blocked OTG audio adapter! A number of accessories will be prompted: this iPhone does not support this accessories. This means that some cheap without OTG audio adapter accessories certification to be out of luck, has produced only to throw away.. To overcome this problem in order to continue production!


This is not the previous chance to remind, but completely blocked, in the use of the apple iPhone iOS10.3 version of these accessories, 1-5 minutes can not use the mobile phone need to restart it, but only after the restart again in 1-5 minutes! In fact, apple do this is completely understandable, after all you move people cake also let a person without a sound not sure!Finally: the current uncertainty in other parts of iPhone 7 Lightning interface has no effect, estimates very close, after all, the official version of iOS 10.3 has been released, the back will not rule out the possibility of adding these blocked, especially the third party data line MFi certification, MFi certification so choose buy accessories, if not want to spend more money, the launch of the iOS version 10.3 in the apple don't wait to upgrade, otherwise parts became rubbish!

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