Apple bought the Samsung 160 million OLED panel market will welcome the replacement tide

- Apr 04, 2017-

As the saying goes, "calm" Samsung after "Note7" and "Sade" series of bad luck, Samsung has recently started to improve. In addition to the recent being listed Samsung S8 media. For Samsung, there is also a good thing, it is apple and Samsung signed a huge contract OLED screen on the supply, involving a total of 160 million OLED panel.

While Samsung invested $8 billion 900 million, additional production lines, production capacity for future OLED escort. At the same time, the domestic manufacturers of "BOE" and "Huaxing Power" have also invested billions, to improve the capacity of OLED. It seems that OLED in the near future will be completed in popularity, more mobile phone will be equipped with OLED screen with better performance.

   The performance of OLED has many advantages that LCD status is not guaranteed or replaced

For all electronic devices, to bring good experience to consumers. In addition to the core chip, another important indicator is the electronic screen. Today's screen variety, by far the most widely used is the LCD screen, but with the change of technology, and the emergence of new screen technology - OLED.

In contrast, the OLED screen is more slim, 1/3 the thickness of only LCD, and due to the absence of the liquid material in the middle, and therefore become more afraid of falling earthquake. And the OLED screen can support a wider viewing angle, can still maintain a big picture perspective distortion. Compared with LCD, OLED has lower power consumption, while the reaction time is 1/1000 LCD, there is no picture of the delay, give consumers more rapid colorful visual pleasure.

At present this kind of technology is gradually applied to the major mobile phone manufacturers flagship mobile phone, the most popular Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung has also signed a supply agreement in the near future, iPhone 8 will be equipped with Samsung OLED screen, which will become a major highlight of the 8 iPhone, let us wait and see.

   OLED technology has solved the problem

In fact, as early as a few years ago, OLED screen has published the major science and technology exhibition, but because the technology put into production use also need to overcome many difficulties, in addition to the sight of large-scale production, the most imminent problems or technical problems of OLED itself, still need time to perfect, to make it more mature.

However, the recent news, OLED has basically solved the technical problems, in life, yield, stability and other aspects of the short board basically has been overcome. And with the domestic OLED industry chain gradually mature, the future OLED will be the first in the China high-end display market will lead the development of the consumer will be able to experience "time and again starting out" OLED screen.

   Domestic enterprises have set up OLED production line, OLED supply escort

Another good news on the OLED screen, in addition to Samsung's $8 billion 900 million OLED screen production. There came the latest news, the domestic manufacturers of "BOE" and "Huaxing Electronic" were also to invest billions in domestic factories, set production line, production is expected to be completed in about 2019.

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