Apple Battery with Large capacitance 2245mAh

- Feb 10, 2018-

An Apple battery whole pack.

Battery capacity of 2245mh, 1715mh higher than the original 30% of the electricity. 

Before, I have change a original one, But the battery life isn't enough. Actually, If you are carefully enough, You will find that the iPhone 6S Battery life smaller than iPhone 6g battery. So In fact, most iPhone 6s users are not enough for using.

The Whole Packing will Included: a maintenance kit package, An iPhone 6s battery 2245mAh, a USB data line, a Sticker for battery. 

With all of the tools, we could exchange the new one for our iPhone 6s. 

So do it yourself and bring the new life to your iPhone 6s.

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